Customer Reports


Every company runs a range of software to manage their business. These can be simple finance packages such as Quickbooks and Xero all the way to sophisticated ERP systems such as Pronto and SAP. Additionally, some large companies may develop their own software to manage specific business processes. In many cases, these packages tend to sit independently of each other and require double handling of both master data and transactional data.


Implementing any new software must be a very considerate decision for any business. Apart from all the challenges associated with change management, businesses need to consider how to capture the best value from their investment. Often, businesses lack the experience or resources to consider integrations with other business software even when benefits are well evident. Arrowtail’s system architecture had to allow integration to any other business system for blasting company and its customers.


The Arrowtail team uses the latest advances in software development to deliver a highly flexible platform that is both responsive and capable. In the case of one of our clients, they wanted a seamless integration with their ERP so the team developed a series of APIs to ensure the entire business process was covered, from receipting the stock to stocktaking and manufacturing, then dispatching and delivering to customers. Seeing the benefits of the successful integration, the Arrowtail team was then engaged by the client to send validated MPU Delivery data directly to their customer. The automation replaced the manual process used up to that point where data was double-handled multiple times.


Integrating Arrowtail with other systems presented a great benefit to both our client and their customers. Apart from obvious things such as the reduction of double handling and timeliness of data updates, all data was validated by Arrowtail before it was passed into other systems, significantly improving the quality of data and providing a single source of truth for all stakeholders. Integrations like this can help blasting companies work closer with their customers and enable another service offering to improve process efficiencies for all stakeholders.