Key Features

Inventory Management

Explosives and explosive precursor materials are security-sensitive substances meaning that stock management is a highly regulated process. Arrowtail has devloped a solution around essential business processes where each transaction is validated against expected values and further validated against daily and monthly reconciliation values.

Customer Owned Materials

Blasting companies often sell raw materials and products to customers as they arrive at the site but remain responsible for the customer-owned stock until consumed in blasting. Arrowtail provides a suite of tools for management and tracking of all customer inventory across the supply chain.

Custom Reporting

With Arrowtail, both blasting companies and their customers are spoilt for choice, from live dashboards and transaction reports to customised reports such as Blast Reports and End-of-Shift Reports. Daily, Monthly, and Quarterly Reports can be produced with a click of a button as soon as data entry is complete, delivering significant time savings for site supervisors and account managers.

Industry Integration

Arrowtail Precision is capable of integrating with any party in your supply chain and has experience linking to our clients ERPs, By integrating with Arrowtail all data that is captures by our users is first validated and cleaned before being passed along to other systems, ensuring that your data is consistent across multiple platforms.

Ship Unloading

Users can use a single transaction to capture all critical information using a mobile device for managing the unloading of a ship. Real time data is displayed on a port dashboard, which can be accessed by all stakeholders. Data can be easily shared and uploaded into any system.

Manufacturing Screens

Arrowtail provides a digital solution that eliminates double handling data and guides users through the whole manufacturing process. The app captures data in real-time and allows integration with process control data, thus further enriching the entire manufacturing process.